Prepare Your Own Taxes and File Online

For those who wish to prepare and file their own tax return, Fiscal Tax Company offers secure online tax filing services. Through our partnership with, we offer you fast, easy, and cost effective tax filing online software that is 100% secure. 

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Filing your taxes online and getting a fast tax refund is easy with our online tax filing software. You can file your state and federal taxes nationwide.

Just fill in a few basic screens and our online tax filing software does the math, selects the forms you need, and checks for errors.

After completing the interview screens, the software will prepare the forms appropriate for your tax situation. Pricing is based on the tax form(s) required by the IRS.

The advantages of using Online Tax Filing:

  1. You can do your taxes anytime, anywhere.
  2. Our website uses the latest encryption technology, so your information is safe and secure.
  3. Your tax software questions are answered free by email.
  4. You can check the status of your return at anytime by logging into the program.
  5. Your refund takes only 8 to 21 days versus 6 to 8 weeks using traditional mail.
  6. You can try risk free before you pay.
  7. We guarantee 100% accurate calculations or we will pay your penalties and interest.
  8. Nothing to download or install on your computer 

Online Tax Filing is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. 1. Your tax information is collected through easy-to-complete screens.
  2. 2. Our safe and secure software does all the calculations for you, selects the forms you need, fills them in, and checks for errors.
  3. 3. After you review your return, it will be electronically filed (e-file) directly to the Internal Revenue Service.

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