FREE 1040EZ Federal Filing

Save on your State Return too!

Fiscal Tax is offering FREE 1040EZ filing for those who qualify. We also do state filings for less than the national chains so you can get your biggest return yet.

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Think you might qualify for free 1040EZ federal filing? Here are the requirements:

  • Filing status must be Single or Married Filing Jointly
  • Under 65 Years of Age
  • Do not qualify for Earned Income Credit or any other credits
  • No itemized deductions (standard deduction only)
  • Your taxable income is less than $100,000
  • Not claiming dependents or children
  • Do not have a mortgage payment

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Why Fiscal Tax?

We guarantee accuracy - with every tax return we prepare. We'll pay any resulting penalties and interest if we make an error on your return. If you are audited, we'll explain your IRS tax audit notice to you as well as the documentation you should provide to the auditor.

We guarantee to save you money - our tax preparation fee will be at least $50 Less than the national chains.

Please call us today at (317) 897-9964 or visit our Customer Support area for more information.